Privacy Policy of EJET Sourcing

EJET owns and operates, we have developed this policy to protect our visitors, users and us as a company.

Ejet places the confidentiality of the information of its visitors at the top of priorities, we make every effort to provide a high-quality service to all visitors/users.

The privacy and confidentiality of the information shown below is part of the Privacy Policy of use of our website.

This privacy policy sets out what the company does with personal data collected from our visitors/users, as well as how the data is processed and for what purposes.

The Information We Collect

As owners of, we can collect, save, and use the following personal information:

-The information generated during the use of our website, including the dates and frequency of your use of the website and the circumstances in which you use the website.

-Information about your computer including your IP address, geographical location, browser type, version, and operating system(we only use the data to analyze it and try our best to give you the best solutions).

-Information related to your subscription which includes your name, address, phone number, email address or any other details.

– The information you post on our website to share it on the Internet, which includes your username, profile pictures and the content of your posts.

– The Information you send to us by email or through our website, including any other personal information related to you.

Using our service means you agree to the collection and use of information concerning this policy.

Use of Information

We may use your personal information for the following purposes described in this policy after it collected:

-We use data to prepare better services and improve our website user experience.

-Make our website more convenient for you.

-Allowing you to use the services available on our website.

-Inform you about any new items and products you be interested in.

-Send data, invoices and other notifications.

-Send you non-marketing business messages.

-Email notifications if you specifically requested to be sent to you.

– Send you an email newsletter if you have requested it (you can inform us at any time if you no longer need the newsletter).

Data Available on Site

We are monitoring the contents of the website to ensure the integrity of the content and services provided by us, so we can obtain information about your place of contact, your IP number, the time of logging in-out and some other information.

The purpose of obtaining this information is to help you and other members to ensure the continuity and the integrity of the content posted on the site.

Please never provide any information about you, such as housing address, financial information, or personal information.

We emphasize our on-site management and we will not request any passwords for any membership on the website because they are for your personal use only.


a cookie can be automatically installed on the navigation software of our visitors and users to be informed during their visits to our website.

A cookie is an element that does not allow the user to be identified but is used to record information relating to the browsing on the website.

Your browser software’s setting will make possible cookies to inform you and also you will have the possibility to refuse it according to the procedure described at the following address:

EJET’s website distributes advertising also uses “cookies” for advertising purposes, in order to direct certain advertisements according to the geographic area of Internet users, and/or to display an advertisement only a number of times limited by the recipient. mainly uses advertising technologies from Google Inc through Google DFP, Google AdSense and/or Google Ad Exchange.

The IP address

We collect the IP address to help us prevent cyberattacks from specific websites that may cause irreparable damage to our website and our application systems.


To contact you with newsletters to inform about new products or anything new we may use your Personal Information.


To prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information, you provide, we undertake to take reasonable technical and precautions to be safe on our secure (password-protected and firewall) servers.

EJET is committed to dealing with the best companies, each providing its own Internet services, and we review the security policies followed by them and ensure that they meet modern security guidelines for data storage and taking backup copies thereof.

The transmission of information over the Internet is inherently unsafe, you and any other person an all acknowledge the acceptance and we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the Internet.

We are not responsible for any problems related to what you share with others on the wesite or outside the website, including your username, your profile pictures, the content of your posts, your comments, your dealings with third parties, we have the right to erase and delete anything affects the security of our customers and our visitors.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains external links and other details about the third-party websites. Therefore, we do not have control over the privacy policies and practices of third parties, nor are we responsible for that.

It is recommended to read the privacy policies of every website you visit through our website.

Payment Details

We do not make any payments through our website and we do not ask for any details about the information due to the method or anything related to the payment.


We collect and display personal testimonials of satisfied customers and users on the services of our company (as a sourcing agent in Yiwu,China) and the website, these testimonials remain the opinion of our customers and assume no responsibility in this regard, in addition to other approvals.

Email Information

We may use your email information to communicate and facilitate the service for you also improve our customer service.

When you inquire or request information about a specific product or service or if you give additional information using any of the means of communication with us, such as requesting a quote or any other details, we will use your email address to respond to your inquiries, as it is possible to save your email address and message and our answer to it for quality control purposes.

Email Security Policy

Through our continuous effort to provide the best level of service with the highest levels of protection and safety for individual users and companies, we have consulted with specialized information security companies and global service providers to reach the highest levels of protection and safety for the benefit of all.
And because E-mail is one of the most dangerous methods used for breaches among users despite its importance, we have developed a security policy for e-mail which we aim to obtain the highest levels of protection for users and reduce damage to penetration around the world.

One of the objectives of this policy is to close any door open to hackers and unwanted e-mail messages to many people in an attempt to reduce these activities around the world.

Reviews of Members And Visitors

All the opinions, programs, topics, recommendations, comments or anything expressed on the EJET’s website through members or visitors express their opinion only and we not responsible for it.

The EJET’s website disclaims any liability for violations of intellectual property rights, publishing, copying, law, or other violations.

In the event that a material subject to your copyright and ownership is published on the EJET’s website or is displayed through our search engine and you wish to delete it, please provide us with an email containing detailed information on this(Full name, email, full address, contact numbers) through a the page contact us at this link:

EJET Sourcing

The complainant must be the owner of the violation or his legal representative, and he must provide evidence to that effect.

Explain your claim clearly about the property rights infringement.

If the violation was via the attached files or external links, please provide us with the files and links with an explanation of their contents.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

By upgrading to a new version on our site, we may update this policy and conditions sometimes, it will be best to check these terms from time to time to ensure that you understand any changes to this policy, and we may notify you of these changes in this policy by email or messages.

Contact us

We reiterate that your agreement to visit the privacy policy page regularly and your continued access or use of the site necessarily means your agreement to the changes that occur through the site

If you have any additional questions about this policy or if you would like more information about our procedures for protecting your information, please contact us.

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