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Shipping from China is not as complicated as many importers think, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and the risk of delays By keeping a few questions in mind before booking regarding your choice of shipping method and shipping agency.

There are two shipping methods available when you decide to ship from China, sea or air, and the main difference between these methods is speed, price and the environment.

Many importers from china are not familiar with the freight forwarder which it may be difficult to assess the quality of the service, the best advice is to know what other customers have experienced and learn from their mistakes to avoid all kinds of problems, see our article on shipping from China.

As a local company with 12 years experience in Yiwu, we would like to bring you All the information you need to help you avoid shipping issues and make a successful purchase in China.

shipping from china

As a local company with 12 years experience in Yiwu, we would like to bring you a comprehensive guide of this city in this post to help you know more about Yiwu.

1. Sea or Air Transportation

When it comes to international shipping, deciding whether to go with sea freight or air freight is an important choice, There are four main factors to consider when making this decision, cost, speed, reliability and environmental impact.

2. Who Should You Choose

When choosing the shipping method to ship your goods from China,, you must bear in mind that the matter is not simple, for despite all the advantages of air shipping or sea shipping, you have to take into account a lot in legal procedures and requires a lot of documents and permits, in addition to The duration and costs.

3. What Should You Consider

Shipping from china is not limited to transportation only but it include a set of necessary activities to complete the shipping process, such as packaging, loading, storage, refrigeration, inspection and customs release as well as tracking your shipments.

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FAQs About Shipping from China

There are mainly 4 ways to ship from China to USA, which are Air Express, Air freight, Sea freight, and Train freight. The delivery time and cost of each method are different.
Generally speaking, sea freight is the way most commonly used. However, you shall pick the way of shipping depending on the weight, size, value and urgency of your goods.

If you ship massive goods with large volume and weight, sea freight is considered to be the cheapest method. Although it takes a very long time in the way, but the cheap costs is very attractive. The diversity of cargo that can be shipped is also a major benefit of sea freight.

It is no doubt that air shipment is much fastest than sea freight. There are 2 ways of air shipment: Air Express and Air Freight.

Air express, also referred as “air courier”, is door to door service provided by companies such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. The package is delivered in shorter time (e.g. 2-3 days) from the pick-up point (such as your factory) to a designated address (such as Amazon FBA warehouse).

Air freights, also referred as the “air cargo”, are normally larger shipments which are delivered from airport to airport. Compared to the door to door service of air courier, you have to spend extra time in cusotm clearance and picking up the package from the airport.

The shipping rate is never fixed. You will get different quotes from freight forwarders. From the peak season to the slack season, there will be great fluctuation in shipping rate, and it will keep changing even within a month. So you need to do a lot of research work and make enough comparions until you find the most suitable one.

But if you work with EJET, we will save you from a lot of trouble. EJET sourcing is the leading sourcing company in the world, and have long-term coopeartion with a large network of shipping companies, thus we will enable you to get the most cost-effective way in shipment.

You can track your express or shipping cargo by visiting the shipping company’s official website. Just enter the tracking number and it will show the present position of your package. If your don’t know how to use it, you can contact your freight forwarder for help.

Even when freight forwarders and shipping lines do their best to take good care of your cargo, loss and damage might occur on occasion. In case of any damage during shipping, it’s advisable to purchase insurance for your cargo to protect yourself from any potential loss. Cargo insurance covers loss or damage of goods during shipment by air, sea, or railway.

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