China wholesale markets are a world-famous trading nation across the world with a great number of wholesale markets that exist here: The clothing, the Textile, the Toys, the Hardware, etc. With its continuous development in the trading business, the china wholesale markets have got to know by more and more people. Just Yiwu International Trade Market alone will meet over 55,0000 foreign buyers every year.

yiwu international market city

In this article, we have carefully selected and present a list of the best 20 influential and professional wholesale markets for you in the different product’s category, if you have any certain products to source from China, you can check the below content and find yourself suitable markets, that will be really helpful to save you cost for buying. If you have any further questions for the China Wholesale Market, welcome to contact us for more info.

Table of content

Chapter 1. Yiwu International Trade City Wholesale Market
Chapter 2. Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market
Chapter 3. Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City
Chapter 4. Guangzhou Guihua Gang Leather Bags Wholesale Market
Chapter 5. Guangzhou Huangsha stationery Wholesale market
Chapter 6. Lecong Furniture Wholesale Market in Foshan
Chapter 7. Lighting Wholesale Market in Zhongshan
Chapter 8. Toy Market in Chenghai
Chapter 9. Huaqiangbei Electronic Wholesale Market in Shenzhen
Chapter 10. Shuibei International Jewellery Exchange Center
Chapter 11. Light Textile Wholesale Market in Keqiao
Chapter 12. Datang Socks Market
Chapter 13. China Leather Wholesale Market in Haining
Chapter 14. Hardware  Market in Yongkang
Chapter 15. Children Garment  Market in zhili
Chapter 16. Ceramics Wholesale Market Market in Jingdezhen
Chapter 17. Home Textile Wholesale Market in Nantong
Chapter 18.Glasses Wholesale Market in Danyang
Chapter 19.Bags & Cases  Market in Baoding Baigou
Chapter 20. Car&Motorcycle Fittings  Market in Linyi
Chapter 21. Tips on buying from China markets

Chapter 1. Yiwu International Trade City Wholesale Market

Yiwu city is a multicultural city located in the Central Zhejiang Province, near the east coast of central China, which makes it close to the Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, and the city has evolved a lot from an agricultural city to the largest market in the world, has become the most famous city in the world, and known for the trade-in goods Small.

As one of the famous china wholesale markets, Yiwu international market trade city is spread over an area of ​​5.5 million square meters and contains more than 75,000 stores offering a variety and wide range of products in different categories that covers 17 major industries, including more than 9,000 sub-industries, and contains more than 420,000 different products.

The market is open all year long, except for the Chinese new year or another Chinese holiday, the suppliers are from all over China, they may have factories or companies in the city of Yiwu or across China.

The market divided into 4 big districts:

District 1:

it consists of 4 floors hosting more than 10500 stores with various types of toys artificial flowers, ornamental flowers, jewelry, head accessories, decorations, arts, photo frames, crystal, decoration, and tourist products…

District 2:

This district is divided into 5 floors that contain, bags, school bags, plastic bags, shopping bags, umbrellas, rain, electrical products, vehicles, kitchen and bathroom equipment, shaving machines, communications devices, watches, batteries, and electric lights…

District 3:

With more than 7,000 stores, district 5 has a wide range of products including stationery products, sports products, clothing accessories, beautiful cosmetics, and beauty products…

District 4:

With a total area of ​​1008000 square meters and more than 19000 stores, the district is divided into 5 floors and have a wide selection of socks, sewing products, supermarkets, general products for daily use, and hats, textile accessories such as yarn, wool, yarn, and towels, belts, underwear, and shawls…

District 5:

Walking around the district 5, you will find imported products, jewelry, handicrafts, exhibition centers for African products, health care products, and food, handicrafts and furnishings, textiles, curtains, sewing tools, and fabrics, car accessories, motorcycles, auto parts, and millennial products…


These products are exported from the Yiwu Commercial Market to approximately more than 219 countries around the world which more than 570000 thousand containers of different sizes are exported globally with total sales annually about 15 billion US dollars.

Chapter 2. Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou is another famous trading city with many popular China wholesale markets located, among which the clothing wholesale market is the most famous one. Below is a list of top 3 clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou:

a. Baima Clothing Wholesale Market


Baima Clothing Wholesale Market is the largest high-grade clothing wholesale market in China, with it’s the best decoration and the most standardized management, it has attracted more than 1000 garment manufacturers from the regions of Taiwan and South Korea. As a clothing wholesale market, it’s first, fourth and fifth floors provide the women’s clothing with fashionable style and good quality, and the price is higher. In the second and third floors, the clothes are not as delicate as other floors; as a result, the price gets a little bit lower.

Address: No.16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu district, close to Guangzhou Railway Station
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 17:30

How to Get There:

1. Take metro line 2 or line 5, and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station.2. Take bus Business Line 1, 2, 3 or bus line 5, 238, 290, 301a, 518, 543, rush hour Rapid line 25, Nightline 88, and get off at Zhannan Road Station. Then walk to the north for about 250 meters (260 yds).

b. Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market

As one of the three largest clothing wholesale and distribution centers in Guangzhou, Shahe Wholesale Market is a good place to buy low-grade women’s clothes and men’s clothes at a low price. If you plan to buy jeans of different grades, Shahe Market can meet your needs as well. So most sellers from Chinese online shop Taobao or other online markets are getting their clothes from Shahe.


Address: East Guangyuan Road, Tianhe District
Opening Hours: 5:00 – 11:00 on workdays; 5:00 – 14: 00 at weekends or holidays

How to Get There:

1. Take Metro Line 6, and get off at Shaheding Station. Then walk northwest.
2. Take bus line 32, 46, 60, 72, 109, 110, 111, 175, 179, 241, 257, 298, 540, 841, b16, b18 and get off at Shahe Station.

c. Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market


In contrast with the Baima clothing wholesale market, the products in the Shisanhang market are much cheaper with lower quality. there are about 70% is Korean-styled design, 20% for European-styled design, 10% for others. Most of the clothes here are in medium and low-grade, including leather clothing, knitting, sweaters, suits, shirts, jeans, and so on. Because of the low price, it has attracted more and more sellers buying here who are mainly from Russia and Southeast Asia.

Address: At the junction of Shisanhang Road and Doulangshang Street, Liwan district
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 14:00

How to Get There:

1. Take metro line 6, and get off at Cultural Park Station, and walk eastward for about 400 meters (430 yds)
2. Take bus line 4, 31, 38, 61, 102, 103, 106, 110, 128, 134, 186, 209, 217, and get off at South Renmin Road Station.

Chapter 3. Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City


As a saying goes: the world’s footwear industry center is in China, and China’s shoe window is in Guangzhou metropolitan city. As the largest footwear China wholesale market, the Metropolis Shoes City is possessing an area of more than 22,000 square meters, with over 800 independent shops, providing all kinds of shoes from the whole world. Walking through this market, you can see a stunning variety of shoes, like sandals, sneakers, slippers, boots, heels, wedges, and sports shoes at wholesale prices that you can resell for a nifty profit.

According to the survey, 90% of shoe retailers in the pearl river delta region have been to the metropolitan shoe city.

Address: No 88, Jiefang Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China. About 5 minutes walk from the Haizhu square metro station.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Chapter 4. Guangzhou Guihua Gang Leather Bags Wholesale Market


Guihua Gang Leather Bags Market is the largest, and the highest level of the leather wholesale market in China. It is located in Gui Hua Gang near Jie Fang North Road. The bags selling here are mainly targeted at middle and high-quality standards, and no other handbag in China wholesale markets can beat it down in terms of scale and turnover.

Gui Hua Gang leather bag wholesale market has proudly produced o five thousand leather brands both from home and abroad, covering a variety of brands including Marino Orland, Marshal, Crocodile, Valentino Juden, Napoleoris Dream, Dissona, Montagut, etc.

Product Ranges: Handbags, Fake Suitcases, Belts, Scarves, Fashion Accessories, etc.
Quality of Products: Middle and high quality
Opening Hour: From 9 am to 5 pm

Address: No.1356,1358 Jie Fang Bei Road 解放北路1356-1358号白云皮具世界
Transportation: Take metro line 2, and get off at San Yuan Li.
Nearest bus stop: Gui Hua Gang

Chapter 5. Guangzhou Huangsha stationery Wholesale market

Guangzhou Huangsha stationery Wholesale market

Huangsha is chosen as “The Biggest and The Oldest specialized Wholesale Markets for Stationery, Toy and Decoration” has attracted some old-brand stationery wholesale markets like Yi Yuan and Xing Zhi Guang, which moved from Yide road to Huangsha in 1994. It occupies more than 10000 square meters for business and 5000 square meters for warehouse, and it has cooperated with more than 1000 big companies from all over the world. you can find more than 10000 kinds of products here with a really competitive price and reliable quality.

As heaven of stationery, this massive size stationery China wholesale markets sells an expansive variety of art and writing instruments including pens, pencils, color sketch pens, pencil sharpeners, pencil holders, pencil boxes, pencil pouches, erasers, A4 paper, etc.

So If you are thinking about importing stationery from China or looking to hoard your stationery in bulk, Huangsha stationery wholesale market definitely worths visiting as the price you can find nowhere else.

Chapter 6. Lecong Furniture Wholesale Market in Foshan


Since being built in the 1980s, Lecong has become the largest furniture wholesale market in the world. It totally covers an area of about 3 million square meters, consisting of various furniture wholesale buildings including Louvre Furniture Mall, Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center, Sunlink Group, Taunyi International Furniture City, etc. This 10km stretch of furniture markets starts at Lanshi bridge and ends at No.2 Longjiang bridge.

It has attracted around 3,450 furniture dealers both from domestic markets and abroad together with over 1,500 furniture manufacturers, selling over 200,000 different types of furniture products covering a wide range from living rooms, Bedrooms, Offices, Hotels, Bars, Gardens to Bathrooms and so on.

a. Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center

Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center

Louvre is the largest furniture mall in Lecong furniture market and the most famous furniture mall in China. With a total building area of 380,000 square meters. It has over 2,000 top China furnishing brands, and over 100 top-class European furnishing brands.

You are almost sure to find quality furniture despite the higher price. As a side note, in 2012 Louvre furniture shopping mall was granted the “4A scenic spot”, it is definitely a place you want to visit when you come.

Product Categories: Home furniture, office furniture, New Chinese style furniture, kids furniture, home accessories., etc.

Price Level: High

Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday

Address: Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center Lecong Section of National Highway NO.325 Shunde District, Foshan City Guangdong

b. Lecong International Exhibition Center (IFEC)

Lecong International Exhibition Center (IFEC)


Lecong International Exhibition Center (IEC) marks the start of Lecong furniture market, it is the first market you will see when you enter Lecong and is the largest furniture market in the world. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters. With hundreds of famous brands such as Kuka sofa selling more than 5000 thousand trendy furniture designs covering different styles and materials.

Product Categories: Upholstery furniture, hotel furniture, suite furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture, home accessories., etc.

Price Level: Medium

Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday
Address: Lecong International Exhibition Center (IEC), south Lecong Road, Shunde District, Foshan City Guangdong

c. Sunlink Furniture City (north section)

Sunlink Furniture City

Sunlink furniture city (north section) is between IFEC and louver. It is currently the most popular location in the lecong furniture market.

Founded in 2000, Sunlink furniture city (north section) covers a building area of 200,000 square meters. Sunlink city has over 400 brands of furniture such as fashion city, and ctw.

Product Categories: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, mahogany furniture, office furniture, home accessories.

Price Level: Medium-high

Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday
Address: Sunlink Furniture City (North Section), Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

d. Sunlink furniture city (South section)

Sunlink furniture city

Sunlink south starts in 1989, it was then the largest furniture shopping mall in lecong furniture market. It has formed 5 procurement centers in its 20,000 square meter shopping mall.

Compared with louvre and Sunlink north, the price in Sunlink south is more competitive. The sofa procurement center is the earliest among the five. Professional furniture show for a sofa is held in Sunlink south twice a year in March and September. Every year, more than 50,000 buyers across the world attend the fair sourcing for sofas.

Product Categories: sofas, hotel furniture, home furniture, contemporary furniture, neo-classical furniture, and home accessories.

Price Level: Medium

Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday
Address: Xinlong Section, 325 State Road, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Chapter 7. Lighting Wholesale Market in Zhongshan

Guzhen town is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Since 1982, it has become the largest production base and lighting fittings China wholesale markets and one of the top specialized markets of lighting fittings worldwide. Guzhen town has more than7,000 lighting enterprises locating here. When visiting in this town, You will find as many categories of lights as you could imagine.

Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Wholesale Markets

Guzhen Lighting market cluster consists of many plazas. Here we have selected 4 popular ones for your reference:

a. Starlight Alliance Lighting Plaza

Located in the center of Guzhen Town, The Starlight Alliance Lighting Plaza was officially opened on October 22, 2014, covering an area of 47,000 square meters, 11 stories high and a total building area of nearly 360,000 square meters, Since its opening, it has been awarded the “China window of World Brand, World window of Chinese Brand”,

There are three major pavilions in this plaza which include the international top light-fixture brand pavilion, the international LED light effect experience hall, and the Chinese high-end lighting brand pavilion.

The market is both a visual experience and a shopping experience for global buyers.

Address: No.68, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.

Starlight Alliance Lighting Plaza

b. Huayi Lighting Plaza

Huayi Lighting Plaza in Zhongshan lighting wholesale market is a lighting display platform with an area of 200000 square meters and a business exhibition hall of more than 20, 000 square meters of general stores. It provides a national standard for the display, design, and sale of lighting. The convergent commercial MALL, adopts the “1&5” comprehensive supporting mode, with the international lighting square as the core. With business marketing headquarters, five-star hotel & The Business Inn, leisure and entertainment center, conference center, global gastronomy, for domestic and foreign buyers to provide a one-stop lamp service.

Address: No.38, Qijing Road, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.

huayi lighting-market

c. Times Lighting Square

Time Lighting Square is a business, leisure, entertainment, food, and accommodation as one of the high-level, comprehensive commercial real estates. It has 25 floors with a building area of 79,000 square meters. From the 1st floor to the 9th floor are for the large-scale lighting market.It is unique with a huge collection of domestic top lighting brands.

As a large-scale professional lighting plaza in Guzhen town, Times Lighting Square is featured with high-end supporting facilities, which is called the“seven-star” gorgeous lighting hall.

Address: No.12, Xinxing Zhong Road, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City

Times Lighting Square

d. Guangzhou Lighting Wholesale Market/ Guangzhou NanTian International Light Center

Guangzhou NanTian International Light Center is huge with a total area of 30000 square meters. It’s one of the largest light wholesale markets in China. Indoor lights, outdoor, classical, modern, high-tech, or old fashioned – everything can be found here.

If you are a businessman of light, decoration material, Nantian light center would be a good choice for you.

Tips: Here are the buses for you to go to NanTian International Light Center, you can get off at Guangzhou da dao Zhong bus stop:

toys supply chain center

No: 122, 256, 183, 199, 540, 85, 235, 252, 287, 140, 502, 133, 51, 56, 296, 272, 209, 508, 191, 266.
Opening hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: NO.1 Huacheng Dadao, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Chapter 8. Toy Market in Chenghai

Regarded as China’s Largest Toys Supply Chain Center & toy manufacturing center, Chenghai District is located in the east of Guangdong Province and the mouth of the Hanjiang River Delta. This 378-square-kilometer land contains about 7,000 enterprises related to toy design, mold making, production and processing, printing and packaging, exhibition trade, etc. More than 100,000 people here are engaged in toy-related industries.


Factories located in Chenghai usually send their samples to toy trading companies, and the trading companies will upload all the products to their Alibaba pages or own websites to show to the world. When customers place the order, then they will order from those factories. Of course, there also are several large toy trading companies that have their own showroom which can be thousands of square meters. Customers can visit their showroom, choose products, and place orders.

So If you want to engage in toys importation and always source large quantities of toys, Chenghai is the best city for you to visit. You can find toys companies or factories, or things related to toys everywhere in this city.

Chapter 9. Huaqiangbei Electronic Wholesale Market in Shenzhen

If you want to import electronics from China, then Shenzhen Huaqiangbei electronics market is where you can’t miss. As one of the top shopping destinations in Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei Commercial Street is renowned for its electronics markets. It is the world’s greatest electronic market and anything you might wish for, can be found there. The shopping area starts where Huaqiang North Road (Huaqiang Bei Lu) intersects with Shennan Middle Road and then all the way north through to Hongli Road totaling about 1km in length. Recently revitalized after 4 years of construction work, Huaqiangbei Road is now a modern pedestrian-friendly shopping mecca that is mirrored by an underground mall stretching the same distance, the largest of its type in China.

All electronic categories like copy phones, phone accessories, components, LEDs, various gadgets are all available here.

The big malls for electronics and gadgets in Huaqianabei are as follows:

SEG Electronics Market (赛格广场) – Seg electronics market was founded in 1988, with an area of 48000 square meters. It is the landmark of Huaqiangbei and the first high-tech theme building in China. There are more than 100,000 electronics goods there including mobile phones, computers, computer parts, etc.

This market is divided into two phases. In each Phase, you can find the following wholesale electronics products.

● Phase 1:

1-2 floors: electronic components
4th floor: IT boutiques and exclusive brand electronic product
3rd, 5th, 6th floors: computer DIY, computer peripherals and consumables
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th floors: computer software, communications, network, security, audio-visual and some other electronic products

● Phase 2:

Computer and digital electronic products, Huaqiang Electronic Market (华强电子世界) – Huaqiang Electronic World is the second-largest wholesale electronic trading center in Shenzhen, consists of several multi-floor buildings. This market mainly sells computer parts (new and used), electronics repairs, tools, chips, LED, cables, and more consumer electronics.

Tong Tian Di Telecommunication Market: This market is famous for wholesaling cell phone repair parts, most of the country’s mobile phone repair shops are buying cell phone repair parts from here.

Manhar Digital Plaza (曼哈数码广场) – Mainly retail mobile phones, drone stores, with some wholesalers.

SED Communication Market (桑达电子通讯市场) – The main characteristic of this market is that it combines three buildings to form one big market where you can buy absolutely anything you might need for your mobile phone, whether it is a protective case, charger or earphones. It can sell both wholesale and retail.
Longsheng Mobile Phone Market (龙胜手机市场) – older phones, some used, and wholesalers.

Chapter 10. Shuibei International Jewellery Exchange Center

Shuibei International Jewellery Exchange Center in Shenzhen

Established in 2004, Shuibei International Jewellery Exchange Center is the largest jewelry professional trading market in China now. This 3-floor building covers a construction area of 10,000 square meters with over 200 shops, managing in silver, pearl, jadeite, gem, precious metal, etc. Locating in the prosperous district, this market has been the first choice of the jewelry buyers from the whole world.t

The output of gold jewelry in Shenzhen accounts for 60% of the Chinese market, and the output of platinum and k-gold inlaid jewelry accounts for 70%. There are more than 500 gold jewelry manufacturers, and the annual industrial output value exceeds 50 billion yuan.
Address: No.2 of Beili North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Chapter 11. Light Textile Wholesale Market in Keqiao

light textile wholesale market

Keqiao, a city locating in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, is the world’s largest textile distribution center for textile products, accounting for one-fourth of global transactions in textile materials and fabrics. The market covers a construction area of more than 3.65 million square meters. More than three million tonnes of chemical fibers are produced in Keqiao, in addition to 16.5 billion meters of printed and dyed fabrics and more than 200 million garment items, with 100,000 customer visits to the markets every day. Most importantly, the sales network of Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Wholesale Market has covered 187 countries and regions,
There are mainly 10 significant textile markets makeup Keqiao International Light Textile Market.
The North market
Tian Hui market
Beilin curtain fabric market
East Market
Union market
Old Market
Dongsheng Road market( or named as knitted fabric market)
Xi shi chang Market
Grey fabric market
Yuezhou gong mao market

In this chapter, we will focus on introducing the North Market, for it is the most important and busiest one.

Clearly, the fabric in the North textile market has a wide variety of textile products, all these fabrics divided into streets and floors. However, if you come here a couple of times, it is still very easy for you to find each fabric that you need via street guide and floor guide map. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being lost in this market. Besides, when you walk by street or floor logically, then you will target certain suppliers easily, and it is also fun searching here. In conclusion, the market is for professional buyers, so, even you come here the first time, but it will not take you long to know this market thoroughly.

1st floor

1st Section: the fabric of cotton, peach fabric, canvas fabric, yarn-dyed fabric, jeans fabric, and some pocket lining fabric.
2nd Section:
2nd street: mesh fabrics, lace, embroidery fabrics.
3rd street: rayon cotton, poplin, embroidery fabric.
4th street: knitted jacquard, tricot, burnout chiffon fabric.
5th street: printed knitted fabric, cotton fabric.
6th street: satin fabric, chiffon.
7th street: fur fabrics.
3rd Section: suede, canvas, jeans fabrics, cotton fabrics.
4th Section: corduroy, plush velvet fabric for toys, suede fabric, linen fabric, flocking fabric, linen, linen-look fabrics, all the different kinds of shirt fabrics.
5th Section: shirt fabrics, cotton fabrics

2nd floor

1st Section: mesh fabrics, knitted fabrics, the fabrics for traffic police purpose of use.
2nd Section: curtain pole, curtain blind, curtain blind fabrics, curtain accessories.
3rd Section: curtain accessories, sofa fabrics.
4th Section: hotel fabrics, curtain fabrics.
5th section: hotel fabrics, curtain fabrics.

3rd floor

curtain fabrics, the sheer, voile fabrics.

In conclusion:

If you are a customer for curtain fabrics, you can visit the north market third floor, and also Tianhui market and Bei lian curtain fabric market, these are three areas including all different kinds of curtain fabrics, blackout fabrics, organza fabrics, and cushion and upholstery fabrics

If you are a customer looking for the knitted fabrics, you can firstly check the north fabric market that I mentioned above, and then checking around the Dong Shen road market, this is the market especially for knitted fabrics.

If you are a customer sourcing for the suiting fabrics, pay great attention to the Union Market.there are different kinds of TR, TRW, suiting fabrics

If you are the customer looking for bed cover fabrics, checking around the third and fourth floors of the old markets.

And if you want to buy the stock fabric, there is a stock fabric market that is very popular for customers from African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan, and so on. you can buy cheap but sell well, so that is why many customers like there too much. But now, this stock fabric market has been torn down and under new construction, it is to be finished around 2 or 3 years. So the stock fabric market had temporarily moved to the grey fabrics market. You can find some stock fabric there as well.

Chapter 12. Datang Socks Market

datand socks wholesale market

You may have never heard of Datang, a town located in Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, but socks made in this town may have already filled up your drawer.

Datang is a sock city that makes 9 billion pairs of socks annually on average, covering 65 percent of the national market and one-third of the world market. As a pillar industry of Datang, the socks industry has made this town the world’s biggest sock production base. In 2004, Datang had more than 10,000 sock enterprises and 100,000 sock machines. Almost all sock manufacturers throughout the world have opened a shop or office here to get firsthand information on the latest development of the sock industry.

Chapter 13. China Leather Wholesale Market in Haining

China Leather Wholesale Market in Haining

Established in 1994, Haining Leather City is so far the largest leather shopping center in China. As the famous production base and distribution center for the leather industry, It totally has more than 2,000 enterprises locating here, with a construction area of 450,000 square meters, market turnover is top to 5.026 billion yuan in 2003.
Inside the market, you can see the complete distribution of leather garments, fur garments, leather articles, cases, raw material, footwear, etc. In 1999, it was designated as the key markets of Zhejiang Province

With more than 2,000 leather companies occupy in the Leather City, you will find high-low-grade leather products in it. The price of leather products in the Leather City sometimes is very high, but you can bargain with shopkeepers (except for the famous brand shops). Now, the leather city is not only a commercial center but also a scenic spot in Haining.

Address: 201 West Haizhou Road 海宁海州西路201号
Transportation: Take city bus No.12, 109, or 131 and take off at Haining Leather City

Chapter 14. Hardware  Market in Yongkang


Yongkang is located in the central of Zhejiang Province, near Yiwu city. It is a well-known distribution center of China’s hardware tools products at home and abroad and has nearly 10,000 hardware and machinery enterprises existing here. There are over 20,000 products in seven categories produced here and sell to the whole world, such as hardware tools, daily hardware, and building hardware. More than 1,200 products have been exported, and more than 200,000 hardware practitioners have been employed, making Yongkang the largest “hardware production base” in China.

Chapter 15. Children Garment  Market in Zhili

Huzhou Zhili children’s clothing wholesale market is located in Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou, covers a construction area of 70 million square meters. It is a key project of provinces and cities and is another five stars professional market after Yiwu China Commodity City, Keqiao China Light Textile City, and Haining China Leather City.


Chapter 16. Porcelain Wholesale Market Market in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen is a prefecture-level city in northeastern of Jiangxi province. It is known as the “Porcelain Capital of the World”, and a prolific production hub for mass-produced ceramics with a history of producing Chinese Ceramics for at least 1,000 years.

ceramics wholesale market

As the world’s largest ceramic professional market, There are various grades of ceramics in the Jinchangli market. Daily ceramics are

in the majority, especially tableware. And the Guomao ceramics market is the most popular, and the price there is relatively cheaper. Many vendors simply scatter their goods on the ground for buyers to choose. Ceramics in the Fanjiajin market is the cheapest.

Chapter 17. Home Textile Wholesale Market in Nantong

When referring to the textile, then Nantong is an important market you can never ignore. Locating in the central part of Jiangsu province, Nantong Home Textile Market, also known as the Zhihao market, is the home to more than 2,800 textile companies.

Textile Wholesale Market in Nantong

At present, Nantong City has many big-scale textile wholesale markets operating a variety of up-grade, middle-grade, and low-grade textile products and raw materials. No matter what materials and patterns you want, you can always find the right goods here. Besides theCZhihao market, you can also visit Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City, which is in Haimen, a county-level city in Nantong, it is currently China’s largest textile market for end products. Now people from more than 350 large and medium-sized Chinese cities and 130 countries and regions have become customers of the Dieshiqiao market.

Chapter 18.Glasses Wholesale Market in Danyang

locating in the most developing area of China, where quite near Shanghai and other South parts of Jiangsu Province, Danyang Glasses Market is one of the biggest glasses markets in the North and East of Asia. It has an area of 32000 sqm with 406 shop fronts and 202 booths.


It has received lots of orders from overseas after years of development. With its powerful capability, it specializes in selling glasses and different optical frames with elaborate work and fashionable design. They can also design and manufacture products according to the clients’ design and sample.

Nowadays, a lot of Danyang Glasses suppliers are aiming to sell to the American-European market and there are more and more American-European traders coming to this market directly for their products purchasing now.

Chapter 19.Bags & Cases  Market in Baoding Baigou

Located in Baigou town of Gaobeidian City in Hebei, the Baigou wholesale market is the biggest wholesale market of leather products and small commodities in northen China, covering an operating area of 1.16 million square meters with more than 5,000 fixed stores, nearly 30,000 operating stalls and more than 24,000 commodities. It has attracted nearly 800 famous enterprises at home and abroad to open more than 500 Direct stores in Baigou.

Bags & Cases Wholesale Market in Baoding Baigou 

As the earliest area to produce and manufacture synthetic leather products, Baigou is the biggest professional bags and cases manufacturing region, it owns more than five thousand brands of leather goods in the market with various products in all quality levels, and cheap products made up 90% from all products in the bags and cases leather products market.

Chapter 20. Car&Motorcycle Fittings  Market in Linyi

Locating at the Linyi city, Shandong Province, the Linyi Car& Motorcycle Fittings Town s the largest motor vehicle parts distribution trade center in East China. It mainly manages the auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, motorcycle parts, oil, car accessories, and tires.


Chapter 21. Tips on buying from China markets


a. Find a good sourcing agent

When you are buying from China, you sometimes will encounter a situation that can not communicate with the suppliers sufficiently because of the time difference and language barrier. So finding a sourcing agent could be a good solution to solve the problem. A good sourcing agent can indeed help you to release the burden involved from sourcing to shipping and make your buying in China more smoothly and efficiently.

b. Get contact with more than one supplier to compare the price

There are many suppliers in the markets that are selling on the same products as we introduced above, and the price varies from different suppliers. So before you placing the order, we would suggest you to visit as many suppliers as possible to compare the price, then choose the best price to buy.

c. Choosing a reliable supplier, and develop a close relationship with them

If a sourcing agent is not in your consideration, then you should choose a reliable supplier to keep a long term business relationship. A reliable supplier should meet the following requirement:

With good credit in business;

Make you informed on each process of your order

High-efficiency in communication

quick-reply to your message;

good production capacity for your products

d. Pay attention to details

When communicating with the suppliers for the orders, make sure you have declared all the details clearly in terms of product specifications, materials, packing, conditions of return and compensation, and other important information.

f. Do your homework before placing the order:

Find out the exact items you want to buy and get full knowledge of it.

Always know what you want to buy and get to know your products fully on materials, sizes, functions, etc. There are so many suppliers on China wholesale markets, many of them are selling similar goods, with the same appearance, but different material. So if you don’t know your items well, then you may get the wrong products you want.

g.Research the regulations you’ll need to comply with when importing from China.

–As an importer, you should be solely and entirely responsible for what you import. Before placing the order, do some research by yourself on which rules and regulations you need to comply with importing from China, for example, find out if there is any special requirement to obey, or if there is any specific certification needed from the custom, and check with your suppliers if they can provide on that when placing the order. The Pre-research will be really helpful for you to avoid problems from custom.


Why China Wholesale Markets come so attractive from both home and abroad? one of the most important reasons is for the price advantage. Once a wholesale market is established in an area, there will be numerous factories emerging in the same area to support the market. Some cities even formed their own specific industrial area, like Haining leather city, Foshan further city, Zhongshan lighting city, etc. Such a centralized factory distributing has largely increased the competition between factories and suppliers, and the price is quite a transparency under fierce competition and low labor costs.