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Complete Guide on Importing Kitchen Cabinet from China

A good kitchen cabinet is essential for the kitchen and its aesthetic purposes. Since there is an ever-expanding requirement for capacity, you need great, practical kitchen cabinets that are adaptable and can accommodate all your kitchen stuff and in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about importing kitchen cabinet from China. Chinese kitchen cabinets are one of the valuable products that people seek to import. However, If you are planning to Learn More >

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Guangzhou Hotels Recommendation

When we are talking about the best Guangzhou hotels recommendation, you have plenty of choices when you look for hotels to stay in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is huge. It consists of 10 districts with a total area of 785 square kilometers. So, it'd be better that you book hotels that are close to the markets or places you are bound for. Many international hotel groups, such as Shangrila, Four seasons, Marriotts, Grand Hyatt, or Chinese domestic Learn More >

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Guangzhou Transportation Guide

Located in the Pearl River Delta, cities like Guangzhou, HongKong, and Shenzhen are considered the top 5 metropolis in China and the Top 100 international cities in the world. As a global trading center, these cities have been attracting visitors from home and abroad. Transportation among these cities is one of the busiest in China. However, you have plenty of options when you are traveling between them, read below our Guangzhou transportation guide. 1. Guangzhou Learn More >

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Guangzhou Shopping Places

Guangzhou is a shopping paradise in Southern China, especially for cheap clothing, jewelry, and electric products. There are quite a few Guangzhou shopping places for you to enjoy your shopping time at night, such as Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Taikoo Hui, etc. 1. Taikoo Hui Shopping Center Taikoo Hui is a beautiful mall to walk around and do window shopping. There is a wide variety of choices at the food court. Definitely Learn More >

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Guangzhou Night Entertainment

In the daytime, Cantonese lead a busy life at a rapid pace, and the nightlife in Guangzhou is colorful and exciting. Guangzhou night entertainment will not disappoint you. Be it the vibrant bar streets, creative theaters, or pearl river cruise, you will find different options here. Here we make an extensive list of the night time entertainment places in Guangzhou that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. Let's explore the best places Learn More >

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Guangzhou Weather and Climate

Guangzhou weather and climate is warm and humid, featuring high temperatures, abundant rainfall, and sufficient sunshine. Summertime in Guangzhou is long with a frequent thunderstorm. 1. Brief Information About Guangzhou Climate In Summer the highest temperature can reach 39° C in July, consequently, heat exhaustion is a potential hazard for tourists. While winter is short here, with little frost. The lowest temperature is around January when the average temperature is 12° C. The all-year-round average Learn More >

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Top 10 Cuisines You Must Eat in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is very famous around the world for its foreign trade. However, if you take a look at Guangzhou’s local cuisine, you’ll be amazed that the food is scrumptious that also deserves a food trip. There is a wide selection of refreshing and nutritious Guangzhou cuisines. Among the vast number of them, we select the top 10 cuisines you must eat in Guangzhou. 1. Simmered Soup 老火靓汤 Lǎo Huǒ Liàng Tāng Learn More >

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Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers: 2020 Complete Guide

As we all know, China is the "Factory of the World" and finding reliable Chinese suppliers become more and more complicated. It rules over the economy to some extent as the biggest provider in the world with an ever-rising amount of industrial facilities and plants. Notwithstanding, there is still somebody gripes that it is hard to find a satisfying supplier or manufacturer or they, at last, discover their China partner as a middleman. In this Learn More >

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How to Import from China 2020: A Step-by-Step Guide

China has changed the panorama of the trading business in the whole world. Chinese products are very affordable, and they have made it possible for people in business and e-commerce to earn massive profits. To excel in the importing business, you must learn the best and fool-proof ways to import from China. However, nothing comes easy in life. Many people start importing from China without researching the market and without making a proper plan. As Learn More >

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Trending Products on Amazon in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that 8510 medical masks are selling every day on Amazon? This shows the power of trending products on Amazon in 2020 and how you can benefit from choosing them. Amazon has listed a total of 119,928,851 products as of April 2019. The recipe for success is to pick the right trending products. If you are a beginner on Amazon, don’t worry, even the most experienced sellers have difficulty in finding and choosing Learn More >

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