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Marketing Manager

——Job Description

1. Research and analyze target market trends, define the potential customers.

2. Gathering information of competitor’s products, strategies and marketing plans to create corresponsive plan.

3. In charge of design, preparation and distribution of company news, brochures, website and other marketing collaterals.

4. Maintain good public and media relationships to project a positive image of company to public and customers.

5. Research and monitor the keywords and traffic of  website, and analyse conversion indicators.

6. Tracking SEO trends; analyzing and summarizing competitors’ SEO methods; training to continuously improve SEO effect.


1. Bachelor’s degree in related major

2. Minimum of 3-5 years equivalent marketing experience

3. Knowledge of marketing and SEO practices and strategies

4. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

5. Excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written

Customer Relations and Social Media Manager

——Job Description

1. Develop social media strategy, both yearly and campaign based with members recruitment

2. Supervision on daily posts, engagement and data performance on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Redbook, Tiktok and more.)

3. Maintain and develop relationship with KOL in multi channels with multi format, such as instagram, facebook and youtube, and have extensive knowledge of KOC interaction

4. Stay up-to-date with trends, and recommend new technologies, design tools, and applications

5. Social ads’ cost/benefit analysis



1. Attention to detail

2. Proven experience in Social CRM

3. Solid verbal & written communication

4. Degree in communications from a reputable institute

5. 5 year’s proven experience of Social Media Management